No Sew Blankets with Key Club

Current Goal as of 3/3/2018

The Oak Harbor Key Club has decided to undertake the goal of creating a large number of no-sew blankets, which are blankets that can be created simply by tying together pieces of fabric, with the intent to deliver them to the Seattle Children’s Hospital, wherein they will serve as a form of comfort for the children who reside there.                    

The fundraising portion, which is arguably the most vital step because it is what will make the rest of this important project possible.

We ask that you provide us with a donation in order to accomplish our goal. This is something that the children deserve to have; it is something that will comfort them in the suffering they often have to experience, so therefore, any amount that you can spare to us brings us one step closer to providing that to them. We as a club would fully understand if you are unable to help us, as many are in a precarious situation themselves, but we truly hope you consider our request.

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